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John Wasiliev
Welcome is not offering or selling financial advice. Its role is to be a source of useful and relevant general information that supplements John Wasiliev’s columns and articles in publications like The Australian Financial Review. These columns and articles are aimed at readers with an interest in saving and investing. It is the same information you will find in a financial newspaper or magazine. Any opinions expressed in the columns and articles and in this website are the views of the author. While the information contained in has been researched and checked before publication, it is not specific advice. In superannuation and investing virtually everyone’s arrangements are likely to be different and sometimes things can be misinterpreted.

The same goes for alternatives available to individuals. Readers should therefore make their own inquiries to confirm that what is written applies directly to their personal circumstances. Where you find any contrary opinions, especially views that contradict what is stated, please advise me. If a correction is needed it is best to do this as quickly as possible.

It is not the policy of to promote any specific investment services, investments, investment strategy or methods of investment or analysis. Other than commonsense advice, I have observed over many years that no one area of investment is suitable for all investors and no single method of evaluating investment opportunities or managing money has proven to be successful all of the time.